Chartering a yacht can be expensive so our aim is to make sailing for the day or to other islands in the Caribbean chain more affordable. Book an individual berth and so cut the costs of a full yacht charter.  Papagayo is a race yacht and therefore does not have individual cabins, but bunks which are more than comfortable. Shower facilities are available on deck. It is a fun, camping style experience


Photo's of Papagayo 


Sailing along the coast of St Lucia
Sailing past The Pitons

Sail down the coast of St Lucia passing the capital of Castries on towards the town of Soufriere which lies beneath the world famous Pitons, a UNESCO world heritage site. Take time to go ashore and visit the town, or visit the drive in volcano, natural springs and waterfalls.    


At the helm of First 4 Sail
Sunset Sailing


Martinque is just a 23 mile sail to the North of St Lucia and is one of the Windward islands in the Lesser Antilles group. Its eastern coastline borders the Atlantic Ocean while on its western coast are the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Trade winds from the east and northeast provide a steady breeze that constantly refreshes the air. Martinique has a rugged mountainous landscape with dense forests, rivers, waterfalls, rolling hills and, most importantly many picturesque bays and coves where we can drop anchor and spend the time relaxing, swimming and snorkeling.   




Day One: A 3 hour sail will see us arrive in the Southern part of Martinique. Visit the areas of Marin and Sainte-Anne or anchor in one of the numerous small bays for lunch, swimming and snorkeling.

Day Two: Relax and enjoy the island before sailing back to St Lucia in the afternoon.

Or alternatively sail to the Les Trois IIets, the birthplace of Napoleon's wife, with boutiques and a variety of restaurants to choose from. It is possible to get the Fort au France ferry from here to enjoy a proper city experience. We would overnight in one of the surrounding bays and return to St Lucia the following morning.   

Day Three: Morning in Martinique, sail back to St Lucia arriving late afternoon.

St Vincent & the Grenadines

The beach at Bequia
The Beach at Bequia

St Vincent & the Grenadines lie in the southern area of the Windward Islands on the eastern border of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Imagine an island chain buried deep within the Caribbean Sea, uncluttered by tourist exploitation; white sand beaches on deserted islands, sky-blue water gently lapping the shore and barely a soul around. Thirty-two islands dot the seascape, all vying to one-up each other in terms of tranquility. Once the realm of pirates you can now explore pirate coves used in the making of The Pirates of the Caribbean., or take in the laid back island of Bequia or the more exclusive island of Mustique




Day One: Sail to Soufriere, a truly Lucian town situated close to the World Heritage site of the Pitons. Spend the afternoon ashore, with the chance to visit the drive through volcano and volcanic springs.

Day Two: An early start for the sail to St Vincent and Wallibou Bay, the location used for the filming of The Pirates of the Caribbean. Go ashore and visit the ramshackle film set and after hike up to the local waterfall for a refreshing and invigorating swim.

Day Three: Sail back to St Lucia.


This itinerary can be added to depending on time restraints. Further islands to explore include Bequia, a laidback and relaxed island or further along the chain the exclusive island of Mustique..



Storm over Bequia
Waterfall in St Vincent
Waterfall in St Vincent
Boats on Bequia Beach
Local Boats at Bequia