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21. November 2012
Ben in the Fog, Gulf of Mexico
As dawn broke the fog closed in and we entered into the shipping lane that would take us into TampaBay, armed with fog horns and in full wet weather gear. It was freezing. On arriving in St Petersburg we immediately tucked into a huge breakfast and got cleaning the boat, avoiding people until this was done as we had not showered in 7 days. Then began the job of finding people to fix the broken things. By the end of the afternoon we had someone who was able to fix the autopilot, a relatively...
01. November 2012
Kemah to Galveston First 4 Sail
We were all set. Reconditioned engine, all rigging tried and tested, the stanchions and hatches all secure and non leaking; the navigation planned and our route out of Seabrook and across the Gulf to Florida all ready. Alongside cargo ships we followed the shipping lane down to Galveston before heading off at sun up the following day for the 700 mile trip across the Gulf. We were looking at anything between 7 and 10 days. We had been following the weather closely and all looked good for our...